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China Kills: What difference can an illustrator make?

In the past fifty years, Africa has seen the elephant population decline by 90% due to the insatiable demand for illegal ivory. At the current rate of murder, elephants will be extinct in the wild within a decade ... due to vanity and greed. The elephant birth rate simply cannot outrun the bullets of poachers. There is no possible way to put words to the potential extinction of this magnificent creature. Humanity is 100% responsible for the life or death of elephants.

In an effort to do my part, I'm proud to introduce the first VILE Activism campaign. 

China is the single biggest importer of illegal ivory. Ivory finds its way to consumers in the form of carved trinkets, piano keys, chopsticks, and jewelry, as well as in the form of "Traditional Chinese Medicine" where ivory powder is used to treat fevers, nosebleeds, convulsions, and stroke and is prescribed as an aphrodisiac.

Fucking. Chopsticks.

Even more heinous than the investors who stockpile tusks banking on the depletion of the species to raise the value of their cache, the illicit ivory trade also funds the activities of violent terrorist groups in the Middle East and around the world. 

Whether or not the tide toward extinction for this magnificent creature can be stopped, we as a species have a moral imperative to make an effort to save the elephant. And getting ordinary people to give a damn about the plight of the elephant is the most critical first step. VILE Inc. will be creating apparel, stickers, and posters to help stop the trade in illegal ivory. The goal is not to start a new activist organization; there are many conservation, protection, and animal welfare organizations run by dedicated, passionate people who have already done the incredibly hard work of establishing infrastructures and ties to political power brokers. VILE Inc. will be supporting selected organizations fighting to save the elephant through visual awareness campaigns and financial donations. 

In order to do all of this, the elephants need your support. Now. 

Think of it this way: Do you really want your child or grandchild to grow up in a world without elephants? How will you feel when the only way to see an elephant in the wild is through a Google Image search or on YouTube?

So, how much of a difference can an illustrator make? Not much without your help. Order a t-shirt today and help us create a movement to save the wild elephant >> Then post a photo of yourself wearing this t-shirt on Instagram and Twitter with hashtags #ChinaKills and #LastDays.