Old School

I grew up before there was such a thing as the personal computer, cut my teeth with real drawing materials, and learned to paint on canvas with gooey paint and foul-smelling solvents. What is the greatest smell on the planet? If you answered "paper", you are my kind of client.


Pushing Pixels

Fortunately, my love for drawing isn't stuck in an electric pencil sharpener. I've been creating breath-taking visuals using the latest in computer graphics software for over 20 years. My quiver of tools is extensive and I'll find the right blend of hand-drawn artwork and technology to suit your project. 


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OddBurton is a well-rounded full-service multidisciplinary creative studio with experience that ranges from web design and development to branding to print design to product design and, of course, illustration. Get in touch with me today and say hello. I'm really fun to work with. At least, that's what my mom tells me. By the way, I am headquartered in Seattle, WA.


I'm not a shrink. But I certainly wouldn't be averse to you relaxing on my couch while you wax poetic about your company or project. Regardless, I'll ask the right questions to get to the heart of your situation. Then I'll spend as much time as is necessary to determine how to engage your audience, refine your message, and deliver the final product. In the end, you aren't hiring me to be a pair of hands. You are hiring me to help you find the perfect voice to speak to your audience. Even if it sounds like a frog during mating season. 


Despite my vast skill set, I maintain strategic partnerships with other highly proficient professionals in order to find solutions for virtually any project you can throw at ODDB - No single studio can have all the resources necessary to cover every creative solution. I work with the best. Period. I will always work hard for you and manage projects as efficiently as possible to help you get the most for your time and money. My goal is to make the creation process as fun and as rewarding as inhumanly possible. 


When reviewing my work, please pay special attention to my individual style. I won't always be able to accommodate styles that fall outside of my sweet spots. I'll bend as far as my comfort zones allow. But I'll be the first to suggest another illustrator or designer if I feel that your request is not a good fit for my abilities. 

However, please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss your project if you find anything here that strikes your fancy.  



I've been working as a professional for a very very long time. And I've honed my processes to a razor sharp edge. I'll work with you every step of the way ... Which means, very simply, that what you are really hiring is a partner who has the ability to absorb your project, work independently to solve your problem, and leave you to the more important aspects of running your own business. 

My goal is to make the process easy. All that is required of you is to let me work my magic. 



See something you like? Let's talk 678.925.6646. 







Paul Burton


For the past twenty years, Paul has been successfully plying his trade as an award-winning professional design director and UX consultant. Skillfully blending his unique illustrative style with pixels and code. He is the founder and chief penciler behind OddBurton and is quite content having eschewed riches in lieu of following his passions. He's easy-going when not serious, laughs frequently, and has been told that he pronounces the word "bag" funny. He wields an HB pencil like a pencil, loves peppered beef jerky, and has been called "the most all-around talented guy [I've ever met]" by a presumably inebriated friend.

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My obsessions are front and center. And I invite you to explore the depths of my subconscious in the hopes that you will find inspiration in an unlikely place. 


If you have an interesting project you'd like to discuss with me, please dial the following number and introduce yourself:  678.925.6646.





Do good with your VILE purchase

One of my loftiest goals with OddBurton, something I've been dreaming about for decades, is to build a company that is solvent enough to donate both creative resources and capital to causes that matter to me.

My greatest passion in life is the great outdoors and the life that it supports. My wish is to help raise awareness for various causes through OddBurton and actualize a promise I made to myself nearly twenty years ago.


Not homo sapiens. There are more than enough people and companies out there who throw their money at organizations and causes aimed at helping humans survive until the apocalypse we are causing.

And while there are plenty of organizations struggling to raise awareness among a species of animal who is so pathetically selfish and self-centered they generally can't see past their iPhones, there is a plethora of life on this planet on the brink of extinction with absolutely no voice in their own survival. I want to help change this sad fact.

Many years ago, I wrote that I believed that elephants would be extinct in the wild within my lifetime ... Perhaps within ten years. Recently, that personal prophecy has been verified. Experts have confirmed that within ten years, despite all efforts to stop the illegal trade in ivory, elephants will no longer exist outside of zoos. This fact is a crushing indictment against humanity. And news, that cuts me to my very core. Therefore …


A fixed dollar amount from the sale of selected items sold through OddBurton will be donated to an organization of our choosing. We'll keep you updated on the funds raised and announce who will receive the donation. 

For Example: If you have an issue with the fact that your purchases may be helping preserve habitat for ocelots, don't buy anything from OddBurton. I'll refrain from judging your lovely character and you can rest easy in the knowledge that your hard-earned money is not benefitting an endangered animal.


The more I sell, the more cash I will be able to donate to worthwhile wildlife protection and environmental organizations. I have lofty goals for the kind of support I want to provide, but I'll be happy if I'm only able to donate $6.00.  


The only help I need is for people who honor me by purchasing OddBurton goods to spread the word if they like the products I create.

Contrary to what you may be thinking, people aren't inherently vile. But our attitudes toward other species, generally, are. And that's where this journey begins.

Now, go and buy something so I can save an elephant.

~Paul Burton