Quack! A Fowl Love Story (Video)


Quack! A Fowl Love Story (Video)

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No. Christopher Walken didn't actually lend his voice to this video voice-over.

But it was professionally recorded in a professional sound studio with two professional miscreants who graciously lent their time, talents, and expertise in exchange for copious amounts of beer. And, dare I say, the result is fantastic.

Follow along with the story as "Fake Christopher Walken" mesmerizes you with his not-so-sultry voice. Just download the video file using the link provided in the purchase email and double click the file to open.

In The Studio

I had just finished the illustrations for Quack! and was brain-storming product ideas when the words "voice-over" popped into my melon. I knew the voice. My buddy Wayne, as he sometimes does (with a little coaxing) after a few frosty beverages, will break into his spot-on and hilarious impersonation of Christopher Walken. And his brother Tim just happens to be a professional sound engineer. I pitched the idea of having Wayne read Quack! in Walken's voice. They both signed on.

Between laughing hysterically and pushing a button on the microphone to say "read it again," I've never had so much fun in my life making something tangible. And I hope you enjoy this voice-over as much as I do.

This video would not have been possible without the incredible generosity of two of my favorite people on the planet:

Wayne Pelletier and Tim Pelletier.

Wayne provided his talented voice and Tim handled all the sound recording and editing.