Paul's Boyhowdy Pickles

It's that time of year folks, pickle-making season is finally here!

If you'd like to order my Boyhowdy Pickles, please fill out the form to the right. Do NOT send me emails, texts, or Facebook requests for orders.


1 Pint Jar - $10.00

2 PINT jars - $17.00

1 Quart jar - $17.00

Shipping (U.S. Only)** 

FLAT FEE - $10 per box

I will be shipping exclusively using Priority Mail Regional Box A, which is the cheapest option available by far. 

**Due to cost, I will only ship PINT jars - two pint jars will fit in one Regional A box.


You will be billed on the day before production. I will send you an online payment notification using your email address.

5 - 7 days later:

  • Your pickles will ship
  • Or be scheduled for pickup



Order Form

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**IMPORTANT** I will only ship pint jars
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In case you were wondering ...

  • My pickles are all natural and PH-tested to make sure they are safe to eat. They REQUIRE refrigeration and will maintain their crispiness for up to 3 months. 
  • Cucumbers are pickled the same day they are procured from the farm.
  • I typically make 2-4 batches each season. The entire pickling process takes five days.
  • I purchase supplies and ingredients based on the number of orders I receive. I DO NOT have the ability to sell orders you cancel after production begins and I hate wasting produce. 
  • You will receive your order based on a first-come-first-jarred basis and you will know when your order is fermenting when you receive an email from me requesting payment.
  • Pickling cucumber harvest season: Early August through the end of September.
  • All produce and ingredients are purchased from Duris Cucumber Farm in Puyallup, WA.