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How-To: Jasmine

How-To: Jasmine

Process and patience are the two most important components in realistic drawing—not your tools. When you find the perfect balance, your best friend’s personality will begin oozing off the page long before you’ve finished the drawing … as well as every ounce of heart you put into it.


This little old lady had a lot of personality, down to her slightly off-kilter gaze. For such a small creature, she had an enormous presence and I can only hope that I captured a fraction of her charm.

Pencil, 11”x18”

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How to: Gamerbot

How to: Gamerbot

Going digital is all about process and once you nail down what works best for you, it’s off the to the races. But first, you will need to figure out which app you want to use … I work primarily with Procreate.

How-To: Lawrenceburg Poster

With big jobs that have a lot of moving parts, process and organization are everything. I walk you through the creation of the Lawrenceburg poster from concept to color.

How-To: Craft CMS 3 Installer

The iPad is a marvelous drawing tool. But it does lack in some key areas that will force you to decide whether or not they are deal breakers. In this tutorial, I’ll share some tips and tricks and try to convince you why you shouldn’t care about what the iPad isn’t and focus instead on what it is.

F5 Holiday Tips One-pager

Revisions are a part of any job. And sometimes you wind up doing a few rounds of major edits to arrive at a solution that matches the changing vision of your client. This "quick" project went through four rounds of substantial revisions before the final piece was approved — a handy lesson in streamlining your process to make changes as painless as possible. 

Approved One-pager

Approved One-pager

The evolution of this artwork

Round 1

Round 1

Round 2

Round 2

Round 3

Round 3

Round 4 - Approved illustration

Round 4 - Approved illustration

Ballard Beer Co. Tee Alt Version

I was asked to create an alternate version of the "Pals" tee for the Ballard Beer Company with simplified text framed by hop vines. This is the result ... 

Kitchen Kraken

I was afforded the opportunity to create an illustration for a client who has a penchant for octopi and squid. Ultimately, this illustration will be painted on a tile backsplash in her kitchen. 

Final conceptual rendering

I plotted the illustration using a photo of the space. Ideally, I would have liked to get exact measurements but I knew going in that adjustments will need to be made on-the-fly to accommodate the space, size (dimensions) of the tile, and things like the electrical outlet. None of these things affect the basic concept. 

Pencil sketch

Turns out I did a pretty good job measuring. Very little adjustment will need to be made to the illustration to accommodate the space. 

Proof-of-concept Photoshop composite

Next steps will be selecting tile, researching paints, how-to-paint-on-tile techniques, and how to fire and/or seal the final painting. 

I'll be posting more about this project as it progresses. 

Ballard Beer Co. Tee

Newly finished tee shirt design for the Ballard Beer Company. The shirt will feature a reversed version of this illustration. 


As with most of my work, I sketched out the primary art by hand then scanned the image. The final line work was done on an iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil. I wound up exporting multiple PSDs for various elements of the final illustration and compositing those elements in Photoshop. Final tweaks, including additional line work, were completed using a Wacom tablet in Photoshop. 

Editorial Illustrations for "Charred Optimism"

I created a series of editorial illustrations to enhance an article I wrote for COAX, the superlative digital magazine from Louder Than Ten.

If you think you know what it means to persevere against the odds, allow me to share a story with you that may just reshape your perspective.

This article was written for anyone who is self-employed, running a small business, working in a creative field, or simply striving to follow their passions. 

Read Charred Optimism >>

COAX Magazine Cover Illustration

I was invited to create a cover illustration for the spring 2016 issue of Louder Than Ten's COAX Magazine. The theme of the issue was "reinvention" or "starting over" [in business]. 

This illustration is hand-drawn pencil, with powdered graphite, and a smidgen of Photoshop to add depth.

11" x 14", Arches Hot-Press paper

Concept Sketch

Exploring Ink

I created these tattooed heads for ECCC 2015. They were simply supposed to be props to display VILE's Logo Beanies. However, they managed to garner such strong attention from the Con attendees, I decided to offer them up for sale. 

Each one-of-a-kind design is hand drawn and required about seven hours of hatching with a Sharpie marker. The heads are hard moulded plastic and have a slight texture that helps hold the ink. They require some gentle care due to the fact that the plastic doesn't absorb the ink. Therefore, permanent will remain permanent assuming you don't rub the shit off. Keep them out of reach of your children.

If you are interested in purchasing either one of these custom pieces, you can find them in our Shop — Female headMale Head