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How-To: Teen Attacker Triptych

How-To: Teen Attacker Triptych

I think it’s safe to say that you will have some semblance of a layout rattling around in your head prior to picking up a pencil. Even if that vision is hazy, hashing out the main characters first will aid you in nailing down the layout. Sometimes the brain-to-paper translation isn’t as clear as you’d like.

How to: Gamerbot

How to: Gamerbot

Going digital is all about process and once you nail down what works best for you, it’s off the to the races. But first, you will need to figure out which app you want to use … I work primarily with Procreate.


I recently completed another robot for my client, F5, for an upcoming report. This robot is based on the increasing number of web attacks perpetrated by teenage hackers, hence the inclusion of game consoles and controllers.


Thingbot Family Portrait

"Gone Phishing"

Recently completed cover illustration for F5Labs 2018 Phishing report.

How-To: Lawrenceburg Poster

With big jobs that have a lot of moving parts, process and organization are everything. I walk you through the creation of the Lawrenceburg poster from concept to color.

F5Labs Protecting Applications Report: Version 3

After three solid months of production, hundreds of hours, and many bleary-eyed nights this project can be unveiled. 

Original "Stack"

Project Stats

  • 2 complete cover concepts and illustrations (version 2)

  • 3 design layouts

  • 7 full page illustrations

  • 18 spot illustrations

  • 6 icons

  • 4 page variations for stack

  • 2 color variations

  • 16x9 web image

  • prepping dozens of artwork/files

  • many dozens of rounds of revisions for all of the above

Application Security Tiers and Attackers

Chapter & Section Artwork 

Introduction Layout and Design 

Application Protection Report Cover Art

Application Protection Report Cover Art

The full report is available for download at >>

Read about Version 2 >>

How-To: Craft CMS 3 Installer

The iPad is a marvelous drawing tool. But it does lack in some key areas that will force you to decide whether or not they are deal breakers. In this tutorial, I’ll share some tips and tricks and try to convince you why you shouldn’t care about what the iPad isn’t and focus instead on what it is.


The latest latest illustration for F5 Labs IoT Report.

F5 IoT Report Cover: The Growth and Evolution of Thingbots Ensures Chaos


[From the report] "The world is just now catching onto how useful IoT devices are; the industry is in its startup phase just scratching the surface of its future potential. If you follow the “diffusion of innovations” theory, we haven’t yet crossed the chasm of IoT potential, or mainstream global market adoption. 

The cell phone is the only IoT device type that has hit the mainstream market with adoption rates past 50% of the global population. When the majority of the world is online, smart homes with dozens of internet enabled devices and smart cities will be everywhere instead of only in the hands of the early adopters. At that point, IoT thingbots could threaten global stability if we don’t start doing something about it now."

Full Version and Cover Version


Concept Sketch

Pencil drawing presented to F5 for concept approval.

Vote, And...

I have a keen interest in politics and education. When my good friend and enthusiastic political activist, John Culver, asked me if I'd be interested in contributing to his latest get out the vote project: Vote, And, I jumped at the chance to help out.

Web site design

Web site design

Icon set

Icon set

Illustrating VILE's Poster

The process for this illustration was all about production and time. Lots and lots of time. My drawing app of choice is Sketchbook Pro because it is the most "natural" drawing tool available when combined with a Wacom tablet or Cintiq. All of the line work for this piece was done using a stylus, a 9" Wacom tablet with the drawing area constrained and liberal use of Command-Z and my eraser.