Working with the iPad

The iPad is a marvelous drawing tool. But it does lack some of the drawing power of a Cintiq or tablet-based computer. No, the iPad doesn't offer you the ability to work directly in Photoshop or Illustrator. And you shouldn't care. End of story. You'll figure out a process that works for you. No other drawing tool can match the feel of drawing that the iPad offers. And no other tablet is anywhere near as portable. 


  • Get a simple foldable stand (don't draw on a flat surface) you can easily carry with you. There are dozens of options. I'm using the Steklo stand and cut down the prongs that hold the iPad using a Dremel tool.

  • Buy a finger cushion. The one you see on my pencil is by Ergo. Thank me later.

  • Get a matte screen protector — the slight texture will provide enough resistance that it will feel like you are drawing on paper.

  • I also use an artist's glove to help prevent goobering up the drawing surface — you can make one yourself. I'm lazy.

  • Buy a pack of replacement nibs for whatever version of the Apple Pencil you own. They do wear down.

  • Clean the gunk off the screen periodically … it can get a bit gross.


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