Every now and then you get thrown a curve ball you can't hit. You just stand there immobile and listen to the woosh as it whizzes past and the sound of the ball hitting leather with a solid thwap. 

About six weeks ago, I received some rather distressing advice from my lawyer after randomly discovering a competitor in the marketplace with a nearly identical name, illustration style, and marketing approach. The advice I was given: Rebrand. 

Legally, I can't afford to fight for the name. And I have no interest in attempting to carve out a niche in a market where I am vying for a much smaller percentage of visibility with, not one, but two U.S.-based companies that sound far-too-similar to VILE Inc. I will be rebranding the company over the next few months with a new name, new marketing approach, and new lease on life. 

Nothing will change in terms of the work the company will produce nor the goals I have had since the moment I started this project five years ago. All I've lost is a name, time, and my nest egg. 

Sooner or later, vileinc.com will redirect to a new URL. In the meantime, I'll keep posting updates on progress and projects as I get this sorted out. 

Cheers all and thanks for your support,