Don't underestimate the importance of process

Once you establish a baseline of steps that work for you, the mechanism in your brain that tells you “I need to do this, then this, then this… in order to achieve this” will begin to function like a perpetual engine—this is your process.

How-To: Teen Attacker Triptych

How-To: Teen Attacker Triptych

I think it’s safe to say that you will have some semblance of a layout rattling around in your head prior to picking up a pencil. Even if that vision is hazy, hashing out the main characters first will aid you in nailing down the layout. Sometimes the brain-to-paper translation isn’t as clear as you’d like.

How-To: Jasmine

How-To: Jasmine

Process and patience are the two most important components in realistic drawing—not your tools. When you find the perfect balance, your best friend’s personality will begin oozing off the page long before you’ve finished the drawing … as well as every ounce of heart you put into it.


This little old lady had a lot of personality, down to her slightly off-kilter gaze. For such a small creature, she had an enormous presence and I can only hope that I captured a fraction of her charm.

Pencil, 11”x18”

Curious how Jasmine was drawn? Learn More>>

How to: Gamerbot

How to: Gamerbot

Going digital is all about process and once you nail down what works best for you, it’s off the to the races. But first, you will need to figure out which app you want to use … I work primarily with Procreate.


I recently completed another robot for my client, F5, for an upcoming report. This robot is based on the increasing number of web attacks perpetrated by teenage hackers, hence the inclusion of game consoles and controllers.


Thingbot Family Portrait

"Gone Phishing"

Recently completed cover illustration for F5Labs 2018 Phishing report.

How-To: Lawrenceburg Poster

With big jobs that have a lot of moving parts, process and organization are everything. I walk you through the creation of the Lawrenceburg poster from concept to color.

At Blackhat2018

Every year, thousands of technically inclined minds descend on Las Vegas for Blackhat - the largest hacker conference in the world. I was there to support the team at F5Labs and check out how my artwork separated F5 Networks from the myriad of boring booth designs. 

Lawrenceburg Poster

When you receive an inquiry asking if you'd be interested in creating a Star Wars / Dukes of Hazzard mashup based on the original Star Wars poster for a renowned neighborhood theatre, the answer is an unequivocal "yes".

I created the poster art for an upcoming production of "Lawrenceburg" at Dad's Garage Theatre in Atlanta. The show runs from Sept. 7 through Oct. 13, 2018.

"Lawrenceburg" 2018 artwork